PMPL Thailand - RRQ Lead By A Small Margin With One Week Remaining

Shounak Sengupta
15/Mar/2020 02:42 pm

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The 5th and penultimate week in PMPL Thailand saw RRQ Athena take the lead over Faze Clan, opening up a 17 point lead with just one gameweek remaining. As it stands, the top 16 teams have separated themselves from the bottom 8 with a decent margin and unless things change considerably in the last three days, there should be not major upsets. 

Faze and RRQ Continue to Lock Horns

RRQ went off on Friday, finishing in the top 5 in 4 out of the 5 games, and took a 20+ point lead over second placed Faze. Much of PMPL Thailand has been a battle between these two giants at the top and it seems as if we are destined to go all the way. Earlier today Faze managed to claw back 8 points from RRQ, but just one chicken dinner in 10 games will just not cut it at this point for Faze Clan. 

With whichever team topping the table, getting a direct slot to PMWL East, it looks as if it might just come down to the very last game of the very last week to determine which team gets the opportunity. 

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Team Secret Bounce Back After 2 Lackluster Weeks

Team Secret also bounced back with a good performance on week 5, after week 3 and 4’s debacles saw them languishing in 10th place. The team go into the final week in 8th place, and aren’t in any danger of not making it to the final stage. 

Illuminate, MiTH and SPES Tied in a Three Way Battle

In 3rd, 4th and 5th place are Illuminate, MiTH and Suphanburi Esports. All three teams are currently within grabbing distance of each other and have consistently been involved in the fight for these positions since week 1. While realistically, none of the teams can reach Faze or RRQ at this points, it will be interesting to see what the last week has in store for these fan favorite squads. 

One week of the PMPL Thailand League is remaining. The winner of the league will receive a direct spot in PMWL East, while the top 16 teams will move onto the Thai Finals to play for spots in the SEA Finals and a 81K USD prize pool. Next week will determine the fate of all 24 teams. 


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