RRQ On Top For The First Time in 4 Weeks in PMPL Thailand

Shounak Sengupta
9/Mar/2020 07:02 am

Cover and thumbnail via @PUBG Mobile Thailand

In one of the most entertaining weeks at PMPL Thailand, RRQ Athena went on top of the leaderboards for the first time since the competition has started. Gameweek 4 saw RRQ take a narrow 3 point lead over Faze Clan as both teams posted 150+ points in their 10 games. 

RRQ added 3 more to their chicken dinner tally, which means they now have 8 chicken dinners in 4 weeks of play, the highest among all other teams in the competition. This was also RRQ’s second week win in a row as the team posted the highest points. Meanwhile, Faze Clan made a convincing comeback on day 3 of gameweek 4, picking up 2 chicken dinners, including one with 18 kills as they closed the gap at the top to just 3 points. Vintorrez from Faze Clan had a great week as well, posting the highest kills for an individual player in week 4. 

In more news, one of the interesting things about this week was QC.20 receiving a points penalty as one of their players showed the middle finger on stream. Illuminate the Murder also had their best ever gameweek, posting 150 points, their highest tally ever at PMPL Thailand. The team moved up to 4th place as a result. Meanwhile, Suphanburi Esports maintain their good form, solidifying their 3rd place position as they added 108 points to their name. 

Faze relinquished their place at the top for the first time in PMPL Thailand | Image via @PUBG Mobile Thailand

However, not everyone had a great week as names like Team Secret and Purple Mood continue to struggle. While both teams are still in the top 16 and aren’t in immediate danger of elimination, their toothless performances has not been great to watch and one can only hope that they pick up the pace in the remaining weeks. 

Only two more weeks remain in PMPL Thailand and it looks as if it is going to come down to the wire between Faze Clan and RRQ Athena. Whichever team tops the league at the end of 6 weeks will get a direct slot at PMWL East. The rest of the top teams will have to play the Thailand Finals and then the SEA Finals to make it there. 



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