iFerg Welcomes MortaL to Call Of Duty Mobile

Vignesh Raghuram
3/Feb/2020 02:52 pm

Popular Indian streamer MortaL recently uploaded a COD Mobile video to his YouTube channel. He spoke about the different game modes and showcased a number of different maps in the game.

This was one of MortaL’s first-ever ventures into Call Of Duty: Mobile. The player became one of the biggest streamers in the world by virtue of PUBG Mobile and the rabid fanbase he built, as a result. So it was interesting to see him try his hands on a different, popular, mobile title.

Surprisingly, one of the world’s most popular COD Mobile streamers, iFerg decided to pop up in the comments of MortaL’s COD Mobile Video and welcomed him into the community.

Indian mobile esports fans responded with glee and are also rooting for this new partnership between MortaL and iFerg. Perhaps a collaboration between the two giants is on the cards for the near future.

PUBG Mobile has emerged as the dominant mobile esport in India and has been downloaded over 600 million times globally. When Call of Duty: Mobile launched in October 2019, speculation was ripe about it possibly competing with PUBG in India. However the absence of a structured esports scene for the game on account of the lack of developer run tournaments, not just in India but in the world, seems to be holding the game back. With a popular personality like SouL MortaL trying his hand at the game, this might just be the start of the game's growth in the country.


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