Call of Duty: Mobile available for download on Android and iOS - 7 game modes available for play

Shounak Sengupta
1/Oct/2019 08:55 am

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The much awaited Call of Duty: Mobile has now been released on both Android and iOS. The game is available for free on the Play Store and the App Store. This is the first time that the successful title has been released for mobile and features many of the trademark features from the PC/console version that made the game famous. 

The game has 7 playable modes:

Free-for-All : An all out shoot anything that moves which is great for warming up and figuring out weapons

Team Deathmatch : A team based mode which has 2 pits 2 teams against each other to see who can get more kills

Frontline: Similar to TDM but players spawn at a particular area of the map on opposite sides

Hardpoint: Hold a dedicated area on the map to gain points and defend it against the opposing team.

Domination: A team must hold three key objectives which are placed in strategic locations and reach a set amount of points to win. The more areas you hold, the faster you will accumulate points. 

Battle Royale: Similar to PUBG Mobile, where players have to kill each other and be inside the safe zone to avoid elimination. Last team standing wins.

Search and Destroy: 2 teams are split into attack and defense and its based on rounds where the attacking team has to detonate a bomb in either of two location or kill the defending team. Players only spawn at the beginning of each round. 

There is a tutorial in the beginning to help players understand the basics of the game as well. 

Additionally, the game also has standard progress features like player rewards, achievements, medals etc. Classic maps such as Crash, Nuketown, Crossfire and more area also available for play. 

Players will have a customizable load out initially but options such as perks, operator skill, equipment can all be unlocked with time.


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