Team Liquid Announce Free Fire Roster

Shounak Sengupta
24/Jan/2020 02:55 pm

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One of the biggest names in the world of esports, Team Liquid have announced their entry into the mobile shooter genre by picking up a roster in Garena Free Fire. The American organization is one of the legacy brands in esports with a storied history and multiple championship winning rosters under their tag. This isn't Liquid's first foray into the world of mobile esports and the organization is known for their championship winning Clash Royale squad. 

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Liquid announced the acquisition of the former B8 squad, along with their manager, Bruno Santos and coach, Souto. The players and the supporting staff all hail from Brazil. The team includes  Raposo, JAPABKR, LUUUKING, Peu and LukasTD. Team Liquid already has a strong presence in the South American region as their Rainbow Six Siege squad hails from there, but this move allows them to reach a much larger audience. South America, especially Brazil is the place to be for Free Fire and the title has reached ridiculous levels of popularity with over 1 Million Viewers tuning in concurrently for the Free Fire Pro League Brazil Finals, which took place in November. The number double to 2 million for the Free Fire World Series Finals, where Brazilian side, Corinthians walked away as champions.

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Writer's Note: While organizations like Cloud 9, Faze Clan and Fnatic have opted for PUBG Mobile, Team Liquid went for a different strategy by choosing to enter Garena Free Fire. Their success or failure in the title could be the deciding factor in determining if other teams are willing to make a similar investment. Free Fire, although massive in both player base and viewership, has a much more regional feel to it when compared to PUBG Mobile. Nonetheless, Liquid do have the first mover advantage when it comes to South America and Free Fire and are potentially onto something good here. 


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