Google Play Store Ranks Call of Duty: Mobile as Number One Game of 2019

Shounak Sengupta
6/Dec/2019 09:47 am

Cover and thumbnail via @Activision Blizzard

Google Play Store is one of the biggest marketplaces for mobile apps and as per their yearly rankings, Call of Duty: Mobile has been judged as the best game of 2019. Not only that, the game is also number one as per the User’s Choice Game of 2019. It also featured in the list for the best competitive games of 2019

The game shattered all expectations with over 100 Million downloads in the first week of launch.  According to mobile app tracking website, Sensor Tower, the game had over 172 Million downloads in the first 2 months, and generated a revenue of 87 Million USD. 

The game was downloaded 89 Million times via Android devices and the rest, 83 Million, via iOS. However, 59.2% of the revenue generated came from iOS. Currently the US has 16.6% of the game’s audience at 28.5 Million, India has 10.2% (17.5 Million) and Brazil has 7% (12 Million). 


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