Carry and Ex1stence depart Orange Rock Esports following poor performance at PMCO Qualifiers

Shounak Sengupta
27/Nov/2019 12:29 pm

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  • 2 players have left the Orange Rock  PUBG Mobile roster
  • The roster change may have been influenced by the team's nonperformance at the PMCO South Asia Finals
  • Currently the team has three players remaining in the roster

Roster shuffle season is upon us and one of India’s top organizations, Orange Rock have announced that two of their players have left the roster. Captain and IGL, Carry will be departing the team along with Ex1stence. The move comes after the team under performed massively at the PMCO South Asia qualifiers, despite going in as heavy favorites. 

The team were considered to be one of the top teams in the subcontinent and were one of the few teams to be backed by a professional organization. At the PUBG Mobile India Tour Finals, Orange Rock went in as favorites and despite a decent showing, they finished in second place. Following this, the team went into the PMCO South Asia Qualifiers, and having been the best team by far in the group stage meant that expectations were quite high. However, the team failed to get past the semifinal stage, finishing in 17th place. The result was indeed a shocker for both fans and experts and most likely for the players and the organization as well. 

With PUBG Mobile announcing big plans in 2020, teams and players will want to settle down and find stable lineups as soon as possible. The organization hasn’t announced who will be replacing the players, but they recently picked up Anto from GodLike. Neither of the players have confirmed what their future plans are either. 

Currently the Orange Rock lineup features the following players:





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