Cloud9, Kurd Squad and UNicorn Gaming qualify for PMCO Fall Championship as 3 Regional Qualifiers come to an end

Shounak Sengupta
21/Oct/2019 10:42 am

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The North America, Middle East + North Africa and Wildcard Regional qualifiers for the PUBG Mobile Club Open, Fall Split came to an end with 3 more teams moving onto the main event. Additionally, 4 more teams have also booked their slots in the Prelims from the Regional Qualifiers. 

North America

Cloud9’s decision to pick up a PUBG Mobile roster has already started paying dividends as the squad placed top in the NA Regional finals. The squad placed in the top 5 in 7 out of the 10 maps, including 2 chicken dinners and have topped the NA leaderboard. As a result, they will be going playing in the PMCO Fall Split main event. The victory comes on the back of a massive performance from Uneven who picked up 19 kills and is the kill leader of the NA quals. 

Tempo Storm and OMEN Elite took the 2nd and 3rd positions and will be playing in the Prelims. OMEN Elite managed to get 3 WWCD but also had some bad placements while TS only got one dinner but were able to place in the top 5 in 6/10 maps. TS were also the team with the highest kills, picking up 59 to their name. 

This does mean that last time’s representatives, Spacestation Gaming will not be at the PMCO Fall Split, along with other names such as Team Totality, Method and Pittsburgh Knights. Star players such as Sixxless did feature in the top 3 of the kills leaderboard, but his team unfortunately finished more than 30 points shy of the top 3. 

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The Middle East + North Africa qualifiers saw Kurd Squad topping the table, but the qualifiers were incredibly close with the top 2 teams both finishing with 142 points. KS were behind till the final map but pulled out a miraculous 19 kill chicken dinner in their last game. They qualify to the main event on the basis of higher kill points while second-placed Swat69 will play in the Prelims. Kurd Squad were at the PMCO Spring Championship as well, but they placed last in the Prelims. The roster has of course changed since then. Swat69’s Buflah was the kill leader of the MENA region with 25 kills to his name. 


Image via @PUBG Mobile Esport


In the Wildcard qualifiers, both Nova Esports and Nova Monster Shield were unable to repeat last season’s performance. Instead, UNicorn Gaming took the top spot and the main event slot, helped by a massive performance by Hong, who had 29 kills in the regional finals.

Second place went to Kazakhstan’s Nomad Gaming a country, who will be represented for the first time at the PMCO. Nomad Gaming will compete in the Prelims first, while UNicorn will play in the main event directly. 

As of now, a total of 4 teams have qualified for the main event of the PMCO Fall Championship. They are:

Yoodo Gank - Malaysia Qualifier

Cloud 9 - NA Qualifier

Kurd Squad - MENA Qualifier

UNicorn Gaming - Wildcard Qualifier

Teams from 7 more regions will join them with the Regional Qualifiers set to be played out over the next few weeks. 


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