Cloud9 re-enters PUBG Mobile esports by picking up North American roster

Shounak Sengupta
1/Sep/2019 08:41 am

Cover and thumbnail via @MisfitsGG

Just when you thought PUBG Mobile couldn’t get any bigger, Cloud 9, one of the world’s most respected and followed organizations have announced their second foray into the title by picking up a roster. 

The roster primarily consists of players from the organization known as Misfits with Beowolf being the lone player who comes from Nova Esports NA. 






Persias (L), UnEeven (2nd from L) and Pyrrha (R) were part of Misfits not too long ago

Image via: @Twitter 

This will be the second time Cloud 9 pick up a roster in PUBG Mobile with their first attempt not being the most successful. However, with the scene having matured over time, it certainly seems like a good decision to pick up a roster in a title which has shown incredible potential in recent times. 

Cloud9’s first major test will be the PMCO Fall Split Open which will most definitely be the biggest PUBG Mobile event of the calendar year. 


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