COD Mobile Season 2: Best SMG Loadouts

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1/Apr/2021 03:09 pm

Players can use the SMG's high fire rate and mobility as well as high damage to run and gun.
There are currently 13 SMGs in COD Mobile which you can optimize with attachments.
Q99, Razorback, and QXR are among the best SMGs currently in COD Mobile Season 2.

The best SMG loadouts in COD: Mobile Season 2 will help players melt the enemy team with a high fire rate and mobility as well as high damage. SMGs are a popular class among players who just want to spray and pray. While Season 2 did not add any new SMGs to the mobile game, there were a few minor changes to the stats. There are currently 13 SMGs in COD Mobile to choose from, and players can make the most of this class and optimize their builds. Q99, Razorback, and QXR are among the best SMGs currently in COD Mobile Season 2. Here are the best SMG loadout for the top five guns in the class. 

Best SMG Loadout - Q99

QQ9Equip the attachments mentioned below to reduce ADS time and increase magazine size. | Source: Activision

The QQ9 submachine gun is a great choice for close-range fire. Players can unlock the Q99 by killing 30 enemies with an SMG while crouching. It has a high base damage of 60 and a high fire rate compared to other SMGs. However, this comes at the cost of lower accuracy and control. It has a moderate damage profile and a great gun to run and gun. The best SMG loadout for Q99, use an Operator Foregrip, a Monolithic Suppressor, 10mm 30 round reload, YKM Light Stock and MIP Tactical Barrel. The tactical barrel combined with stipple and no stock to ADS more quickly. 

Best SMG Loadout - QXR

QXRThis gun is great for aggressive players who like to get into close range. | Source: Activision

This QXR is one of the best SMGs in COD Mobile Season 2. It has a damage of 38, a high burst fire speed, great precision and accuracy, making it a great gun for close-range combat. The gun has a large 50 bullet mag, letting you spray and pray. The best SMG loadout for QXR is a MIP Light Barrel (Short), YKM Light Stock, Enhanced Bolt, OWC Laser - Tactical and a Granulated Grip Tape. These attachments let you play the QXR with an aggressive playstyle and lets you shoot accurately with good recoil control at close range.

Best SMG Loadout - Razorback

RazorbackUse the mentioned attachments to increase the range. | Source: Activision

The Razorback is another good option for an SMG in COD Mobile if you want to maximize control, damage, and accuracy compared to other guns in its class. The best SMG loadout for Razorback is an OWC Light Compensator, a MIP Strike Stock, OWC Laser - Tactical, Merc Foregrip, and a Stippled Grip Tape. You can also attach a Long Barrel which will greatly increase his range, making it viable for medium-range engagements. 

Best SMG Loadout - Fennec

FennecThe Fennec has great mobility at the cost of control and accuracy. | Source: Activision

The Fennec has a very high fire rate compared to other SMGs in Call of Duty: Mobile. It also gives you high mobility at the cost of low accuracy and a lot of recoil. Players can unlock the Fennec by reaching level 21 on their Battle Pass. Use a Light Muzzle Brake to reduce both horizontal and vertical recoil. Also, equip the Extended Mag A to increase magazine capacity by 12. The Light Muzzle Brake combined with the Foregrip is well needed to keep the weapon’s accuracy controllable making it one of the best SMG loadouts. 

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Best SMG Loadout - GKS

GKSWhile not the best pick for an SMG, GKS is still a good pick for a low recoil, high range SMG. | Source: Activision

The GKS is a fully automatic SMG released in COD Mobile Season 5. The GKS has high damage and accuracy compared to other guns in its class, but a relatively low fire rate. It has low recoil and high range, making it a good choice for medium-range combat. The best SMG loadout for GKS is a Long Barrel, Quickdraw, and Stock to get extended range, while Quickdraw will increase your ADS time. 

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