Wild Rift Rakan Guide for the Highest Win Rate

John Dave Rossel
12/Feb/2021 07:04 am

Rakan has been released on Wild Rift this Feb. 12, 2021.
He is a support champion capable of shielding allies and charming enemies to prevent them from moving.
Here is our guide to obtaining the highest win rate when playing Rakan.

This Wild Rift Rakan Guide is meant to help you obtain the highest win rate in the game. Rakan is a support champion capable of shielding allies and charming enemies to prevent them from moving. This champion has amazing mobility which makes him really fun to play. He works best when fighting alongside his love interest, Xayah as his shield is doubled with a reduced cooldown when he casts it on her. If you are looking for a detailed League of Legends: Wild Rift Rakan Guide, then you’ve come to the right place. Here is an overview of the champion, his abilities and our recommended item build guide that will allow you to get the highest win rate while playing him more efficiently.

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Wild Rift Rakan Guide - Pros and Cons

Just like every champion in Wild Rift, Rakan has his fair share of advantages and disadvantages. Here are the most notable pros and cons when playing as Rakan.

Very High Mobility
Underwhelming Damage
Disruptive in Team Fights
High Skill Ceiling
Flexible Playstyle
Team Reliant
Decent Survivability
Not in Maximum Potential Without Xayah

Wild Rift Rakan Guide - Skill Description

Rakan doesn’t shine bright as a damage type support unless you build Ability Power (AP) which is less advisable. Rather, he is better suited for shielding allies and disrupting enemy movements during a team fight. 

Passive: Fey Feathers

Rakan gains a passive shield. Once the shield is broken, it goes on a cooldown and each of Rakan’s basic attacks on enemy champions reduces this cooldown by 1 second.

Bonus: Xayah and Rakan can recall back to base at the same time.

1st Skill: Gleaming Quill

Flings a feather to an enemy. It the feather hits an enemy champion, Rakan heals himself and his allies within range. 

2nd Skill: Grand Entrance

Rakan dashes to a location. Upon arrival, he knocks up enemies within range for 1 seconds.

3rd Skill: Battle Dance

Rakan dashes to an ally and shields them. 

Bonus: If the skill is cast on Xayah, the shield value is doubled and the cooldown is reduced. 

Ultimate: The Quickness

Rakan gains 50% movement speed. Every enemy champion he touches will be charmed for 1 second and he gains an additional 100% movement speed. The charm can only occur once per unit.

Wild Rift Rakan Guide - Item Build

The Item Build for Rakan is pretty straightforward. Similar to other engage type supports, rushing Ionia Locket enchant on your boots is crucial. The boots you buy will depend on your matchup. Most of the time, you will need to buy Ionia Boots to reduce your skill cooldowns then add the Locket enchant for extra shields.

Zeke’s Convergence will amplify your ally’s Damage Per Second (DPS). This effect targets the ally with the highest attack damage so if your ally is snowballing hard in the match, it will get worse for the enemy team. 

Protector’s Vow increases both you and your ally’s survivability. Both of you will gain a shield and extra movement speed if you get attacked by enemy champions or turrets. 

Harmonic Echo will allow you to amplify your healing power depending on your mobility. Since Rakan already has incredible movement speed, you can frequently abuse Harmonic Echo’s effect. 

Warmog’s Armor adds more to your durability, allowing you to stay alive longer in team fights. 

The last slot is pretty situational, you can build Randuin’s Omen if dealing with basic attack reliant enemies like Master Yi and Vayne or Abyssal Mask when dealing with burst mages like Ahri and Kennen. 

Wild Rift Rakan Item BuildItem Build, Runes, and Summoner Spells for Rakan

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In conclusion, Rakan is a very fun and entertaining champion to play in Wild Rift. You might need a bit of time to get used to his combos but when you do, you can expect your win rate to improve. Hopefully, this Wild Rift Rakan Guide is able to help you master this support champion in the game. 


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