Best Duos For Dragon Lane In Wild Rift

Nutan Lele
15/Jan/2021 01:43 pm

We take a look at some of the best duos you can play with, in the Dragon Lane in Wild Rift.
These champions synergize well with their abilities and playstyles complementing each other.
These combos will help you dominate Dragon Lane and give you an edge over the enemy.

While the meta for Wild Rift is slowly forming as newer patches bring tweaks to the existing champions and add new ones, we take a look at some of the best duos you can play with, in the Dragon Lane in Wild Rift. These champions synergize well with their abilities and playstyles complementing each other while also covering for weaknesses.  

Ashe and Braum

Ashe and BraumCourtesy: Riot Games

This duo from Freljord brings in the ice from all directions. Ashe is a rather squishy marksman who needs a defensive support to survive in the lane as her only hard CC is her ultimate. And who better to do that for her than a moustache man with a giant shield. Ashe’s relatively high attack speed works well to proc Braum’s passive Concussive Blows which lets the duo dish out a lot of harass in lane. The slow on Ashe’s basic attacks is also great for Braum to land his (1) Winter’s Bite. (2) Stand Behind Me can be used to get Ashe out of a sticky situation while (3) Unbreakable downright cancels whatever ability is first thrown at it, granting Ashe exactly what she needs, a lot of peel. Their ultimates also synergize well with Braum’s knock up leaving the target a sitting duck to be CC’d again by Ashe’s Ultimate.

Miss Fortune and Seraphine

Sera and MisfortuneCourtesy: Riot Games

Miss Fortune and Seraphine are another great duo with excellent ultimate synergy. Both Seraphine and Miss Fortune can harass enemies in the lane with ease. Miss Fortune’s first ability, Double Up, targets enemies as they take cover behind minions and Seraphine’s long-range (1) High Note is great for poking enemies from far away. Even if you try to fight back, Seraphine’s (2) Surround Sound gives them enough sustain in lane and her (3) Beat Drop increases Miss Fortune’s already quick movement speed. Use Miss Fortune’s (3) Make It Rain in combination with this ability for a super slow on your enemies. Finally, their ultimates, Miss Fortune’s Bullet Time dishes out tonnes of damage in a large cone in front of her. Combine that with Seraphine’s Ultimate Encore to make enemies walk towards Miss Fortune as she ults to ensure maximum damage output. This ultimate combo is truly game-changing.

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Jhin and Nami

Jhin and NamiCourtesy: Riot Games

Jhin and Nami’s kits complement each other quite well helping the duo stomp lane. The Tidecaller’s passive Surging Tides makes up for Jhin’s slow movement speed while Tidecaller’s Blessing empowers his basic attacks and deals extra magic damage. Nami can also use (2) Ebb and Flow to harass enemies from afar and help Jhin catch up for his 4th basic attack with crits enemies. Nami’s bubble is a great way to CC champions and helps apply Jhin’s Deadly Flourish and root them for even more CC. Nami’s ultimate also synergizes well with Jhin’s. She can use Tidal Wave to slow enemies and provide Jhin with vision for Curtain Call. Jhin and Nami are a great pick for the Dragon Lane in Wild Rift. 

Jinx and Blitzcrank

Jinx and BlitzCourtesy: Riot Games

Jinx’s generally high attack speed and chompers work well with Blitzcrank’s hook in dealing a lot of burst damage. The basic idea is that Blitzcrank hooks the target and knocks them up while Jinx lays down her Flame Chompers under them. This roots the enemy, giving Jinx even more time to get in those basic attacks and crits (with rockets). Blitzcrank can also silence enemies with his ult after he hooks them, leaving no room for counterplay as Jinx keeps firing the bullets from afar. Even if enemies manage to survive Blitzcrank’s hooks and try to recall under the tower, with a bit of prediction, Jinx can use her Super Mega Death Rocket to finish the job.

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