All Available Call Of Duty: Mobile Battle Royale Classes Updated List 2020 (Part 2)

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4/Jan/2021 05:20 pm

Call of Duty: Mobile has introduced a number of classes to choose from.
Each class has its own perks and meant to suit different playstyles.
In this article we look at Trickster, Airborne, Trap Master, Poltergeist, Smoke Bomber, Hacker, Refitter and Desperado.

Call of Duty: Mobile has introduced a number of classes to choose from. Each class has its own perks and meant to suit different playstyles. In this two-part article, we take a look at the newer Call of Duty: Mobile classes including Trickster, Airborne, Trap Master, Poltergeist, Smoke Bomber, Hacker, Refitter and Desperado.

Call of Duty: Mobile Classes

The Trickster

Players can unlock the Trickster in battle royale by purchasing it from the Credit Shop for 2000 credits. The ability creates two holographic clones which go in different directions, confusing the enemy. 

TricksterCourtesy: Activision

This ability can be used both offensively and defensively. Use this ability if you’re outnumbered to intimidate the enemy and take out the enemy squad or use it to make a quick getaway. The Trickster is a strong class to use throughout the game but save it for clutch moments where you need to make a quick escape, especially in close quarters.

Trickster Enemy POVCourtesy: Activision

The Trickster also gives you the ability to hear an enemy’s footsteps easier with a wider range of hearing.


Airborne can also be unlocked using the Credit shop in Call of Duty: Mobile and it costs 2000 credits. Using the ability deploys a catapult to your location which can launch up to 4 people into the air, allowing you to cover large distances while gliding in the air. 

Launch AirborneCourtesy: Activision

The station cannot be placed on slanted surfaces and can only be deployed on the ground.

Correct placementCourtesy: Activision

In theory, Airborne sounds like a great ability to escape from sticky situations, however, it takes some time to deploy the catapult station and launch. This can leave you or the station vulnerable to enemy fire. Use Airborne to outrun the zone if you have dropped in a place that’s far away. Airborne also gives yo Lightweight which slows your descent speed while using the wingsuit.

Trap Master

Trap Master is also available for 2000 credits on the Call of Duty: Mobile Credit Store. This ability helps set up traps of high-voltage wire which electrocute enemies and deal damage over time while also slowing down their movement speed.

Trap MasterCourtesy: Activision

Upgrade the Trap Master using the various Upgrade Terminals located around the map and enemies who pass through your traps will eventually be shocked to death. Use these traps to secure an area before you loot it. 

Upgrade TerminalCourtesy: Activision

Place it along doorways in buildings or use them to cover your blind spots. While Trap Master alone isn’t a very strong trait, having one on your squad is beneficial to provide extra damage and give them Territorial Effect which increases the movement speed and skill recharge speed of nearby allies.


The Poltergeist uses their sneakiness and the element of surprise to ambush opponents in Call of Duty: Mobile battle royale. Whether you need to reposition for an attack or evade an incoming threat, its Active Camo cloaking ability provides near invisibility. Players will also move faster while cloaked. The Poltergeist’s Voidwalker ability increases running and walking speed when Active Camo is up, helping you reach your destination quickly and stealthily. This is invaluable when you need to move in the open where an enemy might otherwise see you. Taking about a minute to charge up, you’ll be able to use the Poltergeist’s Active Camo ability several times in a match. Keep in mind, though, that firing your weapon at any time immediately deactivates Active Camo, so wait to shoot until you’re ready to commit to the kill.

Poltergeist Courtesy: Activision

Remember that the Poltergeist’s Active Camo ability only provides near invisibility, not total invisibility. The closer you are to an enemy player while cloaked, the more likely they are to spot you. If you’re looting and fighting near the edge of the circle, save the Active Camo until it starts collapsing, and then activate it when it’s time to move, just make sure you find a building or some other cover before your cloak runs out. Plus, the Voidwalker ability will increase your speed to help you outrun the circle.

Poltergeist POVCourtesy: Activision

Use Active Camo to cloak yourself when you run into a group of enemies fighting each other. Let them inflict damage on one another while you get in position to wipe them all out. Bait the enemy. Let them see you and then take cover where they’ll come after you. Use Active Camo to make a getaway while they waste their time searching for you or to reposition and flank them as they’re distracted. Shooting your weapon deactivates the cloak. The Poltergeist is all about the setup. Get into position, wait for the right moment, and attack.

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Smoke Bomber

One of the newer abilities in Call of Duty: Mobile, the Smoke Bomber, unveils a massive cloud of smoke in a targeted area which slows enemies passing through it and reveals their location, with their silhouettes highlighted in red. While comparable to the smoke grenade, the Smoke Bomber grants players visibility and when deployed it fires one bomb and a second bomb bounces from where the first one landed.

Smoke BomberCourtesy: Activision

If the enemy launches a smoke bomb at you, take the shortened path outside the cloud and send in a drone if your team has a Mechanic.


The Hacker is a powerful class in battle royale. It reveals up to 6 electronic devices laid down by enemies which can be hacked and destroyed. It also reveals up to 6 players around you whose minimap and class ability can be disabled. 

HackerCourtesy: Activision

Don’t use this ability while in the middle of a firefight as it takes some time for you to destroy traps and hack enemy players. This ability is great against Trap Master, Mechanics and Airborne stations. It also grants you Hard Wired which doesn’t let your radar in minimap by interference. 


The Refitter is a newer and more utilitarian class in Call of Duty: Mobile. Armour Pack lets you and your squad pick up layers of armour which reduce bullet damage (except to the head). Upgrading this at the terminal will grant you so much armour it will take a while for the enemy to do any damage to you. 

RefitterCourtesy: Activision

Pair this with a level 3 vest to substantially reduce incoming damage. It’s second ability Greaser slowly repairs and increases the durability limit of your armour and vehicles.   


Desperado deploys a Shield Turret that comes with a built-in gun that has unlimited ammo for the duration of the turret. Players can use the turret as a cover and use the gun to take down enemies. The second ability that comes with Desperado is the Last Stand. This unique ability equips you with a pistol if you are downed by an enemy and if you manage to kill someone, it will revive you.

DesperadoCourtesy: Activision

This class currently cannot be unlocked but Call of Duty: Mobile will be releasing some missions for BR next month. Complete these missions to unlock this game-changing class.  

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