How To Unlock Fireworks In Free Fire Training Ground

Nutan Lele
8/Dec/2020 01:14 pm

Garena is introducing Bermuda Shells that players can use to redeem Fireworks.
Bermuda Shells can be obtained by following a series of steps in the Combat Zone
Head to the shop in Social Zone to get your fireworks.

With the 7th December Operation Chrono update, the Free Fire Training Grounds have been through some changes. Garena is introducing Bermuda Shells so that players can get Fireworks. Aside from those big explosive crackers, Music Arcade and Dynamic Lighting will also be added in-game. 

Fireworks In Free Fire Training Ground

To obtain the fireworks in Free Fire Training Ground, players will have to fulfil some conditions. To get the fireworks, players will need to spend a new currency introduced in patch OB25 called Bermuda Shells. These shells let players participate in minigames and social activities. Players can also exchange them for fireworks. Here are the steps to obtain Bermuda Shells:

  1. Enter the Training Grounds and equip the new Vector as well as the ‘Vector Akimbo’ (vector can be equipped in both hands).Vector Free Fire
    Courtesy: Garena
  2. Enter the Combat Zone, located on the left side of the weapons crates.
    Combat Zone
    Courtesy: Garena
  3. EarnBermuda Shell Tokens by getting killstreaks in the Combat Zone. You can see how many tokens you have on the top left corner of your screen.Gather Tokens
    Courtesy: Garena
  4. Once you gather tokens from kill streaks head to the shop in Social ZoneTraining Ground Shop
    Courtesy: Garena
    5. Here you will be able to exchange your Bermuda Shell Tokens for Fireworks. These fireworks can be set off both in the Combat Zone and Social Zone.Fireworks shop

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Other Updates To Training Ground In Free Fire Patch OB25

Training Grounds now has dynamic lighting which will adjust based on real-time lighting. The update also brings a Music Arcade to the grounds.  Along with these upgrades, a new weapon called Vector Akimbo is now available in Classic & Clash Squad. The Vector is the first Akimbo weapon in Free Fire, it has a short effective range, but devastating power in close range. 

Vector Weapon Stats:

Damage: 22

Magazine: 30

Rate of Fire: 0.08

Attachments: Muzzle, Stock

“Akimbo” - Players can hold one Vector in each hand. 

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