5 League of Legends: Wild Rift Champions For Beginners

Nutan Lele
22/Oct/2020 12:25 pm

So far Wild Rift has brought a total of 40 champions from the League of Legends, 34 from Alpha and 6 new for Beta.
Every champion has a certain level of difficulty and mechanical skill associated with them.
We look at one champion in each lane who is easy to pick up.

As Wild Rift continues with its beta test, players get a chance to try out all the champions Wild Rift has to offer. So far the game has brought a total of 40 champions from the League of Legends, 34 from Alpha and 6 new for Beta. There are 6more champions join the fray and even more champions in the pipeline. 

Every champion has a certain level of difficulty and mechanical skill associated with them. Here are some beginner-friendly champions players unfamiliar with MOBAs or League’s champions can try out.

Garen (Baron Lane)


This Top lane champion is a tank with simple mechanics. His passive gives him health regen and thus sustain and tankiness in the lane. One of his damage-boosting abilities also doubles as a cleanse, which allows Garen to remove all debuffs affecting him. Judgement allows Garen to spin and grants him the power to move through units. All this tankiness doesn’t mean he can’t deal any damage as his ultimate deals a lot of true damage, which bypasses all armour and magic resistance reductions. It’s a great tool to finish off enemies, and it also deals bonus damage depending on the target’s missing health. None of his abilities/skills uses mana so you don’t have to worry about running out of it.

Annie (Mid)


The Dark Child was part of the original roster of Wild Rift’s Alpha test. Her lack of reliance on skillshots makes her easy to master. Most of her spells are targeted so killing minions and harassing your enemy in the lane is quite easy with Annie. She even has a movement speed ability that lets her make a quick exit in case of trouble. The only skillshot ability Annie has is her ultimate Summon: Tibbers, however, the ability’s marker is quite large, making it hard to miss. Always try to use your passive with your ultimate for the maximum damage output.

Yi (Jungle)

Master Yi

If you want to play as a jungler, you should try the Wuju Bladesman, Master Yi. His high mobility and attack speed helps him dominate team fights. With his ultimate granting him slow resistance, a 70% cooldown reduction on Autos and high movement speed, he has the element of surprise when ganking or cleaning up after fights. He’s one of the game’s highest damage-dealing champions with his passive empowering his next attacks with 50% of his Attack Damage. He can also dodge incoming enemy spells with his blink-like first spell while slashing through enemies. Wuju Style, his third spell, empowers his autos for the next 5 seconds. Yi is a champion who snowballs. Get fed early and get your items for an easy victory.

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Ashe (ADC, Dragon Lane)


Ashe is one of the first champions to be introduced in League of Legends and many players pick her as their first ADC (attack-damage carry). She is excellent for newbies since her kit is pretty straightforward. Despite being an ADC, she has quite a bit of CC. Her auto-attack slows enemies while her Enchanted Crystal Arrow (ultimate) can stun the enemy she hits, making it a good initiator for ganks and team fights or can even be used defensively. Her other spells also increase her attack speed and damage output. 

Sona (Support, Dragon Lane)


Going with this enchanter Support is a good way to ease into the role. Sona’s simple kit provides some damage, healing, a shield and movement speed boost. Use her passive wisely. That extra boost of damage heals, or slow can turn the tide of a 2v2 fight in the Dragon lane. Her ult has a wide range, making it easy to aim, however, there is a trade-off. You’ll need to watch your positioning while playing Sona since she is quite fragile and thus an easy target for assassins. 

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