How To Get To The Top Of The Skyscraper On Highrise In Call Of Duty: Mobile

Nutan Lele
5/Oct/2020 04:16 pm

Jump from the helipad to the catwalk, on top of the western elevator and again up and onto the crane for long-range views.
Originally released in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, the map went live now for the first time on mobile during Season 8

In the Season 8 update of Call Of Duty: Mobile, a lot of new content was added to the game. One of the new features brought in was a multiplayer map called Highrise. This fan-favourite classic returns, challenging players to duke it out in one of the most iconic Multiplayer maps. Originally released in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, the map went live now for the first time on mobile during The Forge update. The mid-sized map deploys players to a construction site atop a skyscraper. The spawn points are located in two facing office buildings. The buildings themselves feature multiple rooms and scattered office equipment leading to many hectic, close-quarters battles. While there’s danger from every angle, snipers and other long-range loadouts can make the most out of Highrise’s most famous long-range spots. 

Sniper Spots HighriseHighrise features some good sniping spots

Players can jump from the helipad to the catwalks, on top of the western elevator and again up and onto the crane for commanding long-range views. When facing the north building, climb up a fallen walkway on its far left and follow the ledge across and up to the top of the building. Make it there alive and you’ll have views over a huge portion of the map. This is a good spot for high risk, high reward snipers to get some enemies in their crosshairs. 

Tips On How To Play On Highrise

  • Highrise may seem intimidating at first, especially when you run into players who seem to know every angle and pathway but the first step to mastering it is breaking it into chunks until you know the ins and outs of each section and can visualize it as a whole.
  • Situational awareness is extremely important on Highrise. Players have to know the map well to anticipate where enemies may pop up from. If there is a shootout between buildings, access the tunnel and lower level to sneak up on enemies. However, when the lower level gets crowded watch out for grenades and open fire from above.

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High Rise Inside BuildingFor players who prefer close-quarters combat
  • This map offers players several opportunities for close-quarters combat, so shotguns and SMGs are good picks for fighting inside the buildings, especially when flanking enemies focused on the middle map. Mid-range loadouts work best on most parts of the map.
  • Run up to the helipad to get the angle on enemies over the middle map. In the buildings, keep your back and sides protected by the walls, and pull back to land shots on close-range players from a distance.  

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