How To Unlock The Devil Hunter Bundle From Hacker’s Store

Nutan Lele
2/Oct/2020 08:01 am

Hacker’s Store has returned to Free Fire, and there are several rewards for players starting from 9 diamonds.
By selecting the Devil Hunter bundle under the Grand Prizes section, players get a chance to unlock it.

The Hacker’s Store has returned to Free Fire, and there are several rewards for players starting from 9 diamonds. This isn’t the first time that the Devil Hunter Bundle has been featured in this game, as it was available a few months earlier. When players first enter the Hacker’s Store, they get options to choose from. 

Grand Prize BundleGrand Prize Bundle

Under the Grand Prize Selection, players can choose between:

  1. White Shadow Bundle
  2. Battle Goddess Bundle
  3. Devil Hunter Bundle
  4. Scar- Aurous Dragon
  5. MP40- Slaughter Party
  6. M-60 Crimson Red

Under the Bonus Prize Selection players can choose:

  1. Wolfrahh
  2. Clu
  3. Robo
  4. Party Dance (emote)
  5. Painted Omen
  6. Name Change Card

Once a player selects one from these, they can enter the draw. Choose carefully, since once the prizes are selected, they cannot be changed. 

The Hacker's Store DrawThe Hacker's Store Draw

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Devil Hunter Bundle

The Hacker Store is available from today, 2nd October, till 8th October. After confirming the Grand Prize and the Bonus Prize, these two rewards may be unlocked via a spin draw. All Items purchased will be sent directly to the Vault.

Here are the number of Diamonds required for each Spin:

1st Spin – 9 Diamonds
2nd Spin – 19 Diamonds
3rd Spin – 49 Diamonds
4th Spin – 99 Diamonds
5th Spin – 199 Diamonds
6th Spin – 499 Diamonds

Assuming players only get the bundle at the 6th spin, unlocking the Devil Hunter bundle will cost 874 Diamonds, however, if lucky, they may get it before the 6th spin. The spin prices will go up with each try and the items received on each Spin will be deleted. 

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