How to Disable The Group Photo Option in PUBG Mobile

Nutan Lele
23/Jul/2020 02:26 pm

Tencent Games keeps adding new features to PUBG Mobile to enhance the player experience. PUBG Mobile V0.19.0 Update’s Patch Notes introduced ‘Spark The Flame’, a themed game mode available on Erangel and Miramar maps in Classic Mode. A short while after the update, they also introduced a small patch which added a ‘group photo’ option and many players are unhappy about the placement of the button.  

Along with crowding the interface, the position of the group photo option is causing issues for players. The group photo option is located close to the primary fire button on the screen, this is causing some players to accidentally hit it in the middle of firefights and causing them to die. 

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How to disable the Group Photo option

Tencent hasn’t yet introduced a way to disable the Group Photo option on the maps. However, the group photo option primarily seems to be triggered when the player is close to friends, near one of the tents or statues in the Spark The Flame game modes and in the initial spawn area before the match starts

Group Photo SpawnGroup Photo option triggers upon spawning

One way of stopping the group photo option getting in the way is to stay a few meters away from friends at all times. This makes sure the option doesn’t appear on the screen. 

Group Photo spawn near FriendThe option disappears when you move away from your friends

Spark The Flame also added small statues that burn up when interacted with. It would leave behind supplies and event items. There is also a giant statue that has multiple construction states. Once the final stage is reached, it will burn down. There is also a statue camp that features tents. 

Special Areas on ErangelTent icons mark Spark The Flame event perks

These tents can be entered to gain supplies. The group photo option is also triggered when players are near these tents and special areas. Stay away from these tents and statues to disable the Group Photo option.

Group Photo trigger near special areasGroup Photo option also triggers near special areas

Many players are calling it out on social media and asking Tencent to include an option to disable the Group Photo option the control settings so that gameplay isn’t affected.

Tencent Games is yet to address the issue or add any tweak to disable the Group Photo option.

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