All You need to know about P90 - New SMG on PUBGM’s Livik

Nutan Lele
15/Jul/2020 01:27 pm

PUBG Mobile has a lot of diverse weapon types to choose from. There are more than 6 varieties like Assault Rifle, Sniper, SMG on PUBGM’s maps. The 0.18.0 update brought lots of new features, including a new Royal Pass for Season 14, a brand new Nordic-inspired map called Livik which included a new SMG on PUBGM’s new map Livik, P90. The SMG is from Team Death Match Arena Mode, along with another weapon called MK12, which is a sniper rifle with a high-speed burst. These weapons allow players to engage in fast-paced combat, which is fitting on a map like Livik. The developers intended Livik to be much smaller than normal maps with matches that would last approximately 15 minutes with a 52-player drop. 

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About The New SMG on PUBGM

P90 spawns as a random drop in Arena Mode. The new SMG on PUBGM is very good for close-range combat. With a large capacity of 50 bullets and a very high firing rate, this 9mm ammo gun does a lot of damage. This means players can use that extended mag clip they get for your other weapon. 

P90 LivikP90 - New SMG on PUBGM

These features make the new SMG on PUBGM one of the best of its weapon type. P90 also has three different firing modes: single, burst, and auto. So, players can still use P90 in long-range combat for higher accuracy and fire at the enemies at medium and short-range in burst mode at a lower recoil rate.

P90 is at its strongest when in close range combat with its full-auto firing mode active. The gun is very adaptable with attachment slots for all muzzles, sight and scope (from red dot, holo to 6x), and a laser sight. If players get the full set of attachments, they can reduce the recoil. The New SMG on PUBGM is on Arena maps and Classic mode. 

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