Valorant Agent 16 Details: Abilities, Gameplay, Release Date

Abhimannu Das
17/Mar/2021 09:03 am

Valorant Agent 16 is set to release next month with the Episode 2 Act 3 update and Riot Games is already hyping up the release.
Teasers have already started dropping and we can expect more hints before we get an actual reveal from Riot.
The next major update with the Act is set to roll out around April 27th which means we have about 6 weeks to go until we get to try out the game’s newest agent.

Valorant’s Agent 16 should release with the next major content update, and as we are slowly nearing Episode 2 Act 3, many within the community are already piecing together clues. Here is everything we know so far about Valorant’s Agent 16 from all the information gathered by the community and clues that have been hidden in the game and media by Riot. There are some teasers already available on the official Valorant Twitter account and other places. As we get closer to the release date, you can expect Riot to drop more teasers about Valorant Agent 16 as the developers did with Astra and Yoru in recent months. 

Valorant Agent 16: Everything We Know So Far

As Riot continues to build up the hype for Episode 2 Act 3, we do not have much information yet. However, a teaser was dropped recently by Riot Games that has been keeping the community busy. Many players have predicted that the teaser is connected to the next agent. Someone translated the teaser video and found out that it says, “In times of war, do not be afraid of bombs” during the first part of the video. The video concludes with a “Get Ready” message without revealing much else.

While it could be a teaser for the next agent, the teaser could also be for a new map for a skin lineup. However, the line in the video talks about bombs, and many have pieced together that it could be referencing a new Initiator character. We recently received a Duelist and a Controller, making the Sentinel and Initiator classes more likely to get another agent. Initiators have abilities designed to initiate fights and give teams an advantage when a teamfight breaks out. They can break open sites or zone opponents for a tactical advantage. Sova is one of the best Initiators right now, and Valorant Agent’s 16 contesting his dominance would be a welcome shakeup to the meta. 

Valorant Agent 16 Release Date

Valorant Agent 16 will likely release sometime after April 27th.

Riot Games does not release more than one agent per act, and we can expect Valorant Agent 16 to release with the Episode 2 Act 3 patch. The update with the Act is set to roll out around April 27th, which means have about 6 weeks to go until we get to try out the game’s newest agent. Riot Games will be adding more teasers and easter eggs in the next few weeks leading up to the agent's release.

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