How to Check Valorant Match History to View Performance Stats

Abhimannu Das
14/Mar/2021 09:23 am

You can check your Valorant match history for up to 10 matches and actively monitor your performance and stats.
If you want to check beyond 10 games' stats you will have to rely on third-party websites like
Riot also lets you compare your stats with other players that you faced in a match and offers in-depth performance metrics.

You can check Valorant match history in-game or on third party websites and it can be useful if you want to track your stats and gauge your performance. It is a great tool to catch up on your wins and losses and keep track of your ranked matches but you also get a quick glance at your performance metrics. While you can check your Valorant match history, the statistics are not in-depth and Riot Games could do with more improvements. You can use third-party websites to track more in-depth states if you want to link your Riot account to other services. Here is a quick guide on how to check your Valorant match history. 

How to Check Valorant Match History In-Game

ValorantImage Credit: Riot Games

Here is how you can check Valorant match history in-game: 

  • Open Valorant 
  • Click on Career 
  • View the stats of your last 10 games 

One of the biggest downsides of the current stat tracker that is available in-game is that it only shows you details of the last ten matches. If you want more in-depth data, you will have to rely on other services. Alternatively, you can save screenshots to monitor your performance long-term. You can click on individual matches in the Career page to see more in-depth stats and summaries of the matches. 

How to Make Use of the Match History Stats

Riot Games has put in a lot of effort into helping players check their Valorant match history as you get access to individual stats and other information. But it is not enough if you want to check Valorant match history for more than 10 games. But there are plenty of essential stats that are tracked including round wins, first bloods, spikes deployed, defusals, eliminations, econ rating and other information that can be very useful. 

You can also view the match scoreboard which is very similar to the summary page in the Career section. However, you get to see other players’ stats as well including their K/D ratio, econ rating, defuses and plants. The default sorting for this page is done using the average combat store with the best player in the match being featured at the top. 

Now that we know how to check Valorant match history, you should also monitor the Timeline and Performance stats from your Career page. The Timeline offers a complete event log where you can view your own per-round performance statistic which offers in-depth stats. If you want a more streamlined version of all the information you can head to the performance page which is not as overwhelming with numbers, but it is easy to follow. It primarily shows you your kills, deaths and assists compared to each opposing team member. 

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