How to Fix Valorant's 'Code 40' Error

Abhimannu Das
8/Dec/2020 07:47 am

Valorant's Code 40 error is a common error message that shows up due to network or server issues.
You should check the official forums or Riot's support pages to see if the servers in your region are offline.
If none of the solutions help you, consider contacting your ISP and drop a ticket to Riot Games.

It is not uncommon to run into bugs when playing Valorant. There is a host of error codes and bugs that players keep running into, and Riot tries its best to offer a smooth gameplay experience. However, Valorant's 'code 40' keeps popping up for players, and it is difficult to get a solution from the support team. 

If you run into the error, the first thing you should do is restart your game and check the official Twitter handle @ValorantSupport to check for ongoing maintenance in your region. If servers are down, wait it out until the servers are back up, and you should be able to log back into the game. If you are still facing issues following a restart, you should try the solutions listed below.

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Fixing Valorant's 'Code 40' Error

Valorant Error Code 40If you run into Valorant Error Code 40, consider changing your DNS.
Image Credit: Riot Games

Solution 1 – Reboot Your Computer: Completely exit your game and restart your computer. In some cases, the anti-cheat software Vanguard gets force-closed by Windows, which leads to error codes. A simple restart might be an obvious suggestion, but it works for many users who face Valorant error code 40.

Solution 2 – Change Your DNS: Network issues might cause Valorant's 'code 40' error. You should consider changing your DNS on your computer or on your router to see if it helps. Login to your router and head to the setup page. Leave all existing settings intact and change your primary and secondary DNS to any of the following:


There is also an app you can install by Cloudflare that can toggle OpenDNS on and off, and it has worked for a lot of players facing Valorant error code 40. Head to and download the app for Windows or macOS. Once installed, toggle it on and try playing Valorant.

Solution 3 – Check Official Forums: During the open beta days, the Valorant error code 40 was common due to overloaded servers. Check the most recent Valorant Forums posts to see if there are any server problems, or head to @ValorantSupport on Twitter for updates. The error code should disappear once server issues or maintenance is complete.

Solution 4 – Contact Your ISP: Sometimes, network routing issues lead to 'code 40'. If the error code is only at your end and not related to the game’s servers, try changing your IP address, as we mentioned earlier. If that does not help either, consider contacting your ISP and informing them about the issue.

If none of the solutions above work, leave a support ticket at

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