Dr Disrespect Barred From $100K Warzone Tournament

Abhimannu Das
28/Feb/2021 09:03 am

ZLaner revealed that Dr Disrespect will not be playing in the upcoming Toronto Ultra $100K Payout Warzone tournament.
Doc has been barred from the event and it has to do something with his Twitch ban from last year.
The team is currently looking for a different third player to compete and will move on without Doc.

Dr Disrespect is one of the biggest Warzone content creators and the coming Toronto Ultra $100K Payout Warzone tournament cannot feature him which has left many fans upset. The reason behind Doc being barred from the upcoming event has to do with his Twitch ban from last year. Due to the nature of the permanent ban by Twitch, no one is allowed to stream with Dr Disrespect on Twitch making it very difficult for other creators on the platform to collaborate with him. Events cannot feature him as well from the looks of it with Zlaner confirming details on the issue between Toronto Ultra and Doc. Here is everything you need to know. 

What Does The Ban Mean For Future Collaborations and Events for Dr Disrespect

ZlanerZLaner revealed that Doc is not allowed to play in the tournament. Image Credit: ZLaner

 Last year, Twitch and Dr Disrespect parted ways after the streaming platform announced that the content creator was banned. Doc moved to YouTube after a short break but he can no longer play with other streamers on Twitch. While this was not proving to be much of a problem as Doc rakes in tens of thousands of viewers on his own, he is also barred from tournaments which is frustrating for fans. 

Zack ‘ZLaner’ Lane confirmed that Dr Disrespect is not allowed to compete in the coming Toronto Ultra $100K Payout Warzone tournament because of his ban on Twitch. He said in a recent stream “I’ve got some bad news, unfortunately. I’m still going to be playing in the Toronto Ultra tournament, but Doc is unfortunately not going to be. He’s not allowed to play. I got a message back from the organizers from Toronto Ultra and Call of Duty, they’re the ones pulling the tournament off, and they said Doc is not allowed.”

ZLaner revealed that it has something to do with his ban. He revealed that he had a call with Dr Disrespect and asked him if there is anything he could do but Doc responded there is no solution. Doc said to Zlaner “unfortunately not. It’s weird that they’re not letting me play in this thing.”

Zlaner said that as soon as he can play another tournament together with Doc together, he will. He understands why Dr Disrespect is not allowed to play. Since the ban last year, neither Twitch or Dr Disrespect have revealed the reason behind the ban. Doc claims that he does not know why he was removed from the platform but the breakup between both parties continues to affect Doc and his community. 

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