What is xQc’s Valorant Rank? A Look at Why XQC Ditched Overwatch for Valorant

Abhimannu Das
10/Feb/2021 11:29 am

xQc's Valorant rank is currently Silver but he continues to be the most watched streamer on Twitch.
He started his career streaming Overwatch and was one of the top tank players the game has ever seen.
His shifted to Valorant and other games in 2018 but he has not had the same competitive spirit.

xQc’s Valorant rank might shock you if you have been following him since his professional stint at the Overwatch League. For those who started following him after his massive growth on Twitch, the Canadian streamer was formerly a pro Overwatch player and has consistently been in the Grandmaster rank. He was part of Dallas Fuel before moving on to variety streaming. xQc’s Valorant rank is Silver which is shocking to some fans who have seen him compete professionally in the past. The focus on content creation and variety streaming could be why xQc’s Valorant rank is low compared to other popular streamers. Let’s take a look at how he went from being a professional player to the biggest streamer on Twitch. 

xQc's Valorant Rank is Silver

xQc does not play Valorant regularly but he has been playing it on and off since the game’s beta. He is by no means a competitive player like he used to be in Overwatch. xQc’s Valorant rank is currently silver which is a stark parallel to other content creators who moved to Riot’s newest shooter. The best CS:GO players were able to transition into Valorant and reach Radiant in a very short time while xQc is struggling at one of the lowest tiers in the game. 100 Thieves’ Hiko called xQc a cheerleader because all he does is die and cheer his teammates on.

xQc’s Early Career in Overwatch

xQc was one of the best Winston players in Overwatch and used to get only a few dozen viewers on Twitch back in 2016. As Overwatch exploded on Twitch, the streamer started gaining followers rapidly. He was known for his “desk slams” and toxic behaviour towards his teammates. He was regarded as among the best tank players in Overwatch. His move to the Overwatch League required him to be on his best behavior but his time at OWL without controversy did not last too long. He was banned from the Overwatch League twice and he decided to call it quits soon after. 

xQc’s Valorant Rank Doesn’t Stop Him From Being The Most Watched Twitch Streamer of 2020

Despite streamers like 100T Hiko and Timthetatman making fun of xQc’s Valorant rank, he continues to draw tens of thousands of viewers because of his personality. He was the most-watched streamer of 2020 with nearly 149 million hours watch time on his account. He might not be as competitive as he used to be, but he continues to be one of the most entertaining personalities on Twitch. 

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