Hiko Calls XQC a Cheerleader in Valorant

Abhimannu Das
28/Jan/2021 10:46 am

Hiko called out xQc for being bad at Valorant and said he is a cheerleader when he plays the game.
The former Overwatch League pro along with his teammates made fun of Hiko later on calling him a Torbjorn one-trick in Overwatch.
Timthetatman also made fun of xQc recently because of him being a hard-stuck Silver player.

Hiko and xQc went back and forth with their banter yesterday with Hiko talking about how bad xQc is at Valorant while being called out for being a Torbjorn one-trick in Overwatch by xQc. 100 Steel player and First Strike NA champion Hiko took jibes at xQc on Twitch and the conversation went on for a bit on Twitter with both streamers making fun of each other. 

Why Does Hiko Think xQc is A Cheerleader?

Hiko brought up the topic when one of his viewers talked about how he should carry “Mr. Cow” because he is hard stuck Silver. Hiko responded saying “Who? xQc?” and went on talking about how every time he watches the popular Twitch streamer all he sees is xQc getting zero kills and then cheering his team on. Hiko made fun of xQc’s gameplay talking about how he runs around and dies and proceeds to cheer on his teammates.

Hiko thinks that there should be a new role in Valorant called “cheerleader”. xQc called out Hiko later on for being a Torbjorn one trick in Overwatch. For those unfamiliar with Overwatch, Torbjorn is a character that builds static turrets and can potentially get kills without doing anything. The hero is seen as a meme within the community and has been a “throw-pick” in a lot of situations. Popular streamers like Dafran have one-tricked the hero to the highest ranks.

Hiko does not actually one-trick Torbjorn and it was brought up due to an interaction between the content creators on Twitch. Hiko was later in xQc’s chat and it seemed like xQc did not know who Hiko was. One of xQc’s teammates responded saying that " he is the leading dev in Runescape he is actually pretty famous". The talks of Hiko being a Torb one-trick started from there and it died down soon after. 

Timthetatman who is also one of Valorant’s biggest streamers made fun of xQc’s rank recently. Both players have streamed Overwatch extensively in the past before moving on to variety content. All of the interactions between the mentioned content creators were just for banter and should not be taken seriously. Hiko is a professional player who plays for 100 Steel after being a successful CS:GO player for years. xQc is one of the biggest content creators on Twitch and has been a professional player for Overwatch and has also participated in the Overwatch league. 

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