How to Remake in Valorant: Escape 4v5 Scenarios Without A MMR Penalty

Abhimannu Das
9/Feb/2021 08:10 am

You can remake in Valorant if you find yourself in a 4v5 situation at the start of a match.
Players who use the remake feature are not penalized and all MMR adjustments are reset.
Players are unhappy with the current state of the remake feature due to the system requiring all four votes to work.

Remake in Valorant is a feature that is underutilized by many players. Riot added the feature back in September to instantly end lopsided games that you have no chance of winning. If you enter a match in a 4v5 situation, you can remake in Valorant, and the game will not count as a win or loss for anyone. The ability to remake in Valorant protects you from teammates who disconnect in the very first round and you do not lose any MMR in the process. If you want to abandon the match without any penalties, every teammate in the lobby has to agree to remake the match. 

How Does the Remake Feature Work in Valorant?

Remake ValorantThe remake button is different from surrendering as you do not lose any MMR.
Image Credit: Riot Games

If you find yourself in a 4v5 situation in the first round of a match: 

  1. Type “/remake” in the in-game chat menu
  2. A prompt will show up for all other players in your team asking them if they want to remake 
  3. All 4 players in your team must unanimously agree on the vote to start afresh

The ability to remake in Valorant was added in Patch 1.07 last year and it helps when players are at a disadvantage. Once the remake vote has been passed, all XP and MMR adjustments are wiped clean, and there are no penalties for the connected players for abandoning the game. Remade games do not show up in your match history. 

What Happens to Players Who Abandon Games?

According to Riot, any player who abandons a match receives full MMR loss for the game, and receive a leaver penalty equivalent to disconnecting from a full match.” Players who remake in Valorant are not penalized in any way. 

Should Riot Rework the Remake System in Valorant?

A lot of players within the Valorant community feel that requiring unanimous votes to cancel a match is unfair due to trolls. Players want the total number of votes required to cancel a match to be reduced, but Riot is yet to respond to complaints. Players want the number of votes required to cancel the match to be reduced from four to two or three. The feature is barely used effectively and matches end up completing 4v5 instead of being remade. Throwers also intentionally wait until the first round is over to leave the game and sabotage teammates. Riot Games has touched on this issue and has confirmed that they will be working towards stopping players who intentionally sabotage games.  

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