Riot Responds to Sexism and Toxicity in Valorant

Abhimannu Das
22/Jan/2021 10:35 am

Riot responded to multiple players complaining about the sexism and toxicity in the game's current state.
The team member from Riot responded to players claiming that a solution is in the works but did not share specific details.
Riot is working on a solution for its toxicity problem and are also taking measures to prevent gameplay sabotage and cheating.

Riot responded to a player talking about her experience in-game in Valorant and how teammates can be toxic towards her. The original post started off talking about how the player has been playing since beta, and she continues to play the game because it involves communication and teamwork. She claimed that she gets sexually berated for not “clutching” and has teammates trapping her in corners. A Riot staff member responded to her post and talked about how they want to deal with toxicity going forward. 

Riot Is Working On Solutions To Deal With Toxicity

The original post received a response from Riot’s LEA and the SPD team. They promised that they are working on a solution but are unwilling to share any details right now. If things go according to plan, Riot will be announcing an update to deal with toxicity in the near future. Until then, the team requests all players to report toxic teammates. 

Riot is aware that reporting players does not necessarily fix the issue immediately, but it does help the developer identify toxic players and hand out punishment if enough members report the outliers. The staff member added “Thanks for still giving our game a chance, even with all these bad experiences. This is a multi-team effort across Riot, and we're working hard towards a future where you don't have to deal with s*** like this anymore.” 

The staff members revealed that they cannot do anything if we do not report players. They do not want female players to feel discouraged from speaking up in voice chat. It is up to the community and Riot to collectively ensure that Valorant is a safe space for anyone to come and have fun regardless of their gender or race.

Cheating, toxicity and throwing have become major issues in Valorant and Riot is working on solutions to offer a better gameplay experience to players.  The developers have confirmed solution for toxicity in the works, but we also need a better means of stopping players from repeating offensive behaviour. With Valorant being a free-to-play title, it is easy for throwers, AFKers and toxic players to just make a new account and continue affecting others. The game’s anti-cheat has also been ineffective lately with a number of cheaters being discovered by players who go without a ban for weeks. Riot teamed up with Bungie to sue cheat maker Gator Cheats and will be making updates to their cheat detection system Vanguard over time.   

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