Pokimane Owns Hater Downplaying Her Valorant Skill

Abhimannu Das
7/Feb/2021 06:41 am

Pokimane shut down an internet hater who was making fun of her gameplay after a recent clip surfaced online.
The clip shows Pokimane screaming after she gets taken by surprise by an enemy Jett during a Valorant game.
She responded talking about how she has been playing since beta and her aim is good enough to be in Diamond.

Pokimane is one of the biggest streamers on Twitch and perhaps the biggest female streamer on the platform. A clip of hers getting spooked in Valorant went viral recently that many started using to troll her. A Twitter user called her boosted, but the situation ended with the accuser deleting his Twitter account after being shut down by the streamer. The clip in question shows Pokimane walking through a Viper wall and catching someone off-guard. She got shocked to see enemy Jett and let out a scream, which got clipped and shared thousands of times on social media. Trolls used it as an opportunity to make fun of her gameplay despite the 5-second clip not being indicative of the streamer’s skill level. 

Pokimane Says Her Aim Is Good Enough To Be Diamond

Pokimane defended herself, saying that she has hit Diamond multiple times and has three ranked accounts that she plays on. She retorted against one of the trolls saying that he didn’t know this because he is not a regular viewer and is just taking the opportunity to troll her. She was upset at the person and lashed out at him for having “the audacity to call me boosted off a 5-second clip of me being scared lmao.”

Pokimane warned him against being toxic and said: “welp my aim’s good enough to be Diamond so and if you’re going talk s**t in my chat don’t be surprised if my mods ban you lmao, it’s elementary.” The Twitter user deleted his account, and all of the trash-talking against the popular content creator has now disappeared.

This is Not The First Time Valorant Fans Have Trash-Talked Streamers

Trash talking and toxicity are not isolated to this incident or Valorant alone. Such incidents happen quite often, and all popular streamers, including Pokimane, Ninja, and xQc get targeted. Spanish streamer Murmaider was harassed a few weeks ago by her teammates in Valorant, forcing her to quit her stream. Multiple streamers and pro players offered support, including G2 Esports’ m1xwell, who spoke out against the toxic online community. Riot’s Country Manager for Spain and Italy had to step in and ensure action was taken against the harassers. Many people online pass controversial remarks or target streamers just for attention. Pokimane’s recent experience with the trash talker was no different.

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