Toxicity in Valorant’s Team Chat Forces Spanish Streamer Murmaider to Quit

Abhimannu Das
5/Jan/2021 07:38 am

Spanish streamer Murmaider suffered harassment and toxicity from her teammates in a ranked Valorant game forcing her to quit.
She left the match after reporting the issue and shared her experience online which was then shared by G2's m1xwell with a strong message against toxicity.
Riot’s Country manager for Iberia (Spain) and Italy Edgar Medina has promised action will be taken against the harassers.

Murmaider is a Twitch streamer who is well known within the Spanish-speaking Valorant community. She was recently streaming Valorant and had the unfortunate experience of running into a group of sexist and toxic teammates. The experience forced her to leave the match and highlight the problems of toxicity within online gaming. 

Linepro and G2’s m1xwell Show Support Towards the Valorant Streamer

Some of the things that the "players" that teamed up with Murmaider, said were "learn how to scrub" and "how does c*** smell", amongst other nasty comments. The streamer reported these players and left the game, following which she uploaded the footage on her Twitter profile, asking Riot Games to ban these players.

G2’s m1xwell, who is among the best Valorant players in the world offered support and said on Twitter that it’s unfortunate she has to deal with such madmen and hopefully the players get the bans they deserve for their toxicity. 

Former TSM Player, Linepro also offered support to Murmaider saying: “It hurts a lot to see this. I'm sorry you have to deal with such a mob like that day after day ... Time puts everyone in their place, I'm pretty sure Riot will do its job by getting rid of these kinds of people.”

It is not just verbal toxicity and sexism that a lot of gamers have to deal with but also direct gameplay sabotage. Riot has been working towards building a stricter reporting system that will help deal with toxic individuals within the community and throwers/AFKers. 

Riot’s Country manager for Iberia (Spain) and Italy Edgar Medina has responded to the streamer and said that the case was going to be reviewed and that action will be taken against the offenders. Riot has gone on record on their blogs numerous times in the past that the only way for the in-game experience to improve is by having players report such instances more often.

Cheating, sabotage, boosting, and AFKing can be detected through automated systems but harassment and toxicity cannot be automatically detected, especially on voice chat. Players who experience toxicity and harassment should report offending players to Riot via the in-game reporting system or post footage online on Riot’s official support pages. 

Murmaider has stated that she will continue to play Valorant ranked and she will not stop reporting until such players are removed from the community. 

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