Valorant Cheat Users Upset After Riot Sues Two Cheat Makers

Abhimannu Das
14/Jan/2021 07:25 am

Riot Games has managed to crack down on two cheat sellers recently, affecting over 4500 users.
A Redditor anonymously managed to get into the cheat sellers' Discord server and forums to give us a glimpse of their conversations.
Most cheat users are upset with their "loss" but are ready to move to other cheat sellers.

Valorant’s Vanguard anti-cheat is one of the best in the industry, and Riot had marketed it heavily ahead of the game’s launch. However, after the game was released last year, there has been an influx of cheaters despite Vanguard being touted as one of the best cheat detection tools out there. Earlier this week, reports of Riot Games and Bungie suing cheat makers Gator Games came in with both studios trying to crack down on cheating in their games. Soon after, Riot has struck down two major cheat providers who have affected over 4500 cheaters in Valorant. 

Over 4500 Cheat Users Affected By The Recent Strike

Valorant CheatersValorant's cheaters are upset over the recent strikes. Image by u/OWPD

Over 4500 cheaters in Valorant had paid anything between $90 to $600, which were lost due to Riot Games' recent takedowns. The problem with Riot taking down these cheat makers is that numerous sellers redirect customers to other online cheat sellers. This is one reason Riot is going after Gator Games, a notorious cheat maker supporting their customers despite Riot’s best efforts.

A Reddit user infiltrated one of the cheat maker’s Discord servers and managed to take a look at what some of the cheating player base has been talking about since the ban. It was u/OWPD who revealed all the insider information from the server. 

From the conversations gathered by the Redditor, most of the cheaters are ready to move on to a different cheat provider. With Valorant being a free-to-play game, it is challenging for Riot Games to keep cheating locked down through lawsuits and cease-and-desist orders to cheat makers. The conversations reveal that there are multiple Telegram groups created by these cheat makers to sell these programs. 

One of the Discord members revealed that the cheat's one-day license costs $13, and someone had paid $600 for a long-term license. Most cheaters who get hardware banned get Error 9 on their PCs when they try to login to Valorant, and the game throws a message stating, “Can’t talk with server. Try again”. New accounts do not work either. Some cheaters can spoof their hardware ids to cheat in Valorant by swapping their hardware ids and their Riot accounts whenever they get banned. Riot is working on its cheating problem as well as AFKers, throwers, and boosters in upcoming updates. We can expect more news from the developers soon.  

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