Southern Sweep - Team Tamilas Emerge Victorious in the TEC Challenger Series 3

Nutan Lele
2/Nov/2020 01:11 pm

Team Tamilas finished in first-place finish in the TEC Challenger Series 3.
FaR Esports impressed in what was their inaugural competitive debut knocking TT into the lower bracket.
This marks the end of the third Challenger Series with VLT emerging champions in the first two.

In the absence of heavy hitters like Noble Esports and Velocity Gaming, Chennai based Team Tamilas successfully converted a lower bracket run into a first-place finish. Last series’ finalists, Global Esports fell by the wayside after a disappointing series of events, allowing some less-known names to come under the spotlight. 

Smx and Scargod’s stack, FaR Esports impressed in what was their inaugural competitive debut. The team had a clean run through the upper bracket where they knocked down Team Tamilas to the lower bracket. However, in the grand finals, TT were in no mood to entertain as they shut down the affair 3-1. 

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Team Tamilas' Run In TEC Challenger Series 3

Things kicked off on Bind where both opted for similar setups and operators. However, TT’s Omen, Raze and Phoenix gave them a license to play more freely as compared to FaR’s Breach and Brimstone. The match was close, but a stellar offensive half for TT allowed them to keep the advantage till the end. 

FaR evened up the score on Haven after a shoddy attacking half from TT sealed their fate. They showed little initiative and a lack of imagination in what is considered to be a pretty attacker sided map as FaR used their Counter-Strike experience to win the information game every time. FaR were also far more creative in the attacking half, managing to get a plant in 7 rounds out 9, which allowed them to maintain their economy. 

Both teams went blow for blow in the third map - Split, after drafting mirror matchups. Both Jetts were able to push the boundaries just enough to be important pieces for their teams but once TT found themselves in the defensive half, it was all over. Their setup was difficult for FaR to crack and it became apparent that both Smx and Sh1vy were having an off day, making the series an uphill battle. KnigthRider’s heroics for FaR, made it competitive but TT just had the depth and flexibility to close out the game comfortably. 

The action shifted to Ascent, a map where individual fragging is a lot more crucial than others. Despite the lead, TT kept things clean with an 8-4 defensive half. Their attack was equally effective as FaR Esports looked battered and bruised after the first two games. SmX stepped up big for his side on Ascent, but unfortunately, his team were not having the best of days and were sent home packing. 

A dominant display from Team Tamilas who take the series 3-1. A commendable run from FaR, whose debut run was marked by both individual and inspired play. The series is also a reminder of the potential talent in the South Asian scene and just how much there is to discover beyond the top names. This marks the end of the third Challenger Series with VLT emerging champions in the first two. We are also nicely set up for the final series which is likely to be played on the new patch. 

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