Tencent Esports and FC Barcelona Announce Partnership

Shounak Sengupta
24/Aug/2020 01:34 pm

Tencent’s Esports division has formalized a partnership with FC Barcelona that will see them explore opportunities beyond gaming and esports. The same was announced at the Tencent esports summit that took place yesterday in Hainan, China. 

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This will not be the first time that Tencent are joining hands with a football club as in 2019, their esports division also announced a tie up with Manchester City FC. The strategic partnership with Barcelona will see the two companies explore innovations beyond traditional sports and esports. The Catalan football club and Tencent have a good relationship and have worked previously in the past as well. The two teamed up for an aid campaign to provide relief during the peak covid-19 situation in Spain. 

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Is Tencent the biggest name in Videogames?

Tencent continues to be one of the world leaders in the tech and videogaming space with multiple tier 1 titles under their banner, directly or indirectly. The company owns Riot Games and has a forty percent stake in Epic Games, two of the largest publishers in the world.  It also owns eighty percent of Supercell, who are one of the biggest gaming companies operating on the mobile platform. Tencent’s own IPs include names like PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty Mobile and Arena of Valor/Honor of Kings.


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