Amazon Games' Crucible In A Rough Spot Barely A Month After Release

Nutan Lele
18/Jun/2020 07:32 am

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  • Crucible sees a drop in players numbers less than a month from launching
  • Dev confirms two of the three game modes to be removed.

Amazon may be one of the most successful companies of all time but they are having a rough time in the video game industry. Amazon’s grand plan of entering the competitive gaming scene with their newly released Crucible has proved disastrous. Amazon Game Studios had recruited talented developers to work on a number of different games, the most recent of which was this PvP-focused game. It blends  Hero Shooter and a few other genres and was launched in May this year. It seems the marketing team wasn't able to deliver a clear vision of what they wanted to execute and develop.

Crucible has been met with mixed to negative reviews and its player base has been on a downward trend ever since its launch. As a result, developer Relentless Studios has focused on their flagship Heart of the Hives, a MOBA based mode. The company also plans on removing their battle royale mode Alpha Hunters first, followed by Harvester Command. Harvester Command sees teams of players fighting for control of Harvester machines scattered across the map.

Crucible Pulling the Plug on Two Modes

"We've seen that a very small percentage of people are playing the Alpha Hunters mode so we are going to be retiring that game mode very quickly." Colin Johanson explains in a dev update. "We've noticed that the community has really rallied around Heart of the Hives in an amazing way. Moving forward, we're going to be focusing really heavily on Heart of the Hives as the core experience of Crucible. Down the road, when we feel that the onboarding process is better, we'll likely look at retiring Harvester Command as well," Johansen said.

"Focusing on one mode, in particular, allows us to focus on core game systems that are a little bit diluted across three game modes and improve them for just one mode in particular. It means that we don't have to make comprising design decisions across three different modes. We can make one that is phenomenal.", he continued. 

Crucible debuted with a lower peak than most games and a look at Steam Charts shows that Crucible's concurrent players average around 500. Crucible is down to a 24-hour player peak of 349 people, with just 145 playing as of this moment.

Changes needed to be made and soon but as of now, it doesn’t seem to be enough to save the game.


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