Overwatch League Releases MVP Alien Zarya Skin For Sinatraa

Nutan Lele
17/Jun/2020 06:43 am

Cover and thumbnail courtesy Blizzard and Blizzplanet

  • An alien Zarya revealed for 2019 MVP Jay "Sinatraa" Won.
  • The now-retired player led the San Francisco Shock to victory in OWL Season 2.

OWL has revealed a Zarya skin in honour of last year’s season MVP Jay “Sinatraa” Won. The alien skin will be available in Overwatch till the 30th of June. 

The inspiration for the skin comes from Sinatraa’s fans who spam alien emotes for him in chats. Zarya is seen in a suit and tie based on singer Frank Sinatra, an homage to the player’s username. The alien form, with the futuristic-looking particle cannon and suit, makes her look like she’s in a Men in Black movie. The skin also has glowing energy nodes and an MVP patch that matches the former player’s jersey. 

“When we decided on the initial direction of an alien in a suit, we knew it was going to be a little bit goofy, so the main focus here was to make her look as cool as possible and not as generic as other people would think,” senior concept artist David Kang said.

Sinatraa has now retired from playing professional Overwatch and was picked up for the Sentinels’ roster for VALORANT this year. Before his retirement, he led the San Francisco Shock to three stage finals in 2019 and they ended season 2 as champions. Sinatraa did well in damage dealing roles and on off-tanks like Zarya with whom he made some great plays. 

The skin is available for purchase with 200 OWL tokens until 30th June. You can earn tokens by watching OWL games on the League’s site or mobile app or buy them in-game.


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