Pool Party Heimerdinger, Jarvan IV, Orianna, Syndra, And Taliyah Are Headed To The Rift

Nutan Lele
10/Jun/2020 05:26 am

Cover and thumbnail courtesy Twitter

  • Riot reveals new Pool Party skins for Heimerdinger, Jarvan IV, Orianna, Syndra, and Taliyah.

A few days ago Riot tweeted out ‘Who's ready for some sand, sun, and surf?’ with a teaser for brand new skins pool party skins. The teaser, however, only showed off the legs of the champions who were going to get skins, leaving fans guessing. 

As many predicted, Heimerdinger, Jarvan IV, Orianna, Syndra, and Taliyah would be getting new skins in the next patch.

Here’s a little preview of how the skins look:

It has not yet been revealed how much each skin will cost but all of them are available for testing on the PBE server.


Nutan Lele


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