Riot To Buff Volibear In Upcoming Patch 10.12 After Low Win Rate

Nutan Lele
5/Jun/2020 01:30 pm

Cover and thumbnail courtesy Riot Games

  • Volibear to receive buffs to his mana/level, health/level, Q and R in upcoming patch 10.12

Volibear will receive buffs in the upcoming patch 10.12. The bear is getting buffs and bug fixes which will look to fix his rather underwhelming kit. After Volibear got reworked and released in patch 10.11, the great white bear’s win rate fell to 39%, some of the lowest we’ve seen. For a bruiser Voli’s base health is lower than Vayne’s at level 18. His current win rate in the jungle is 49% after micro patches targeting his Q and E. 

Nathan “Lutzburg” Lutzburg, Senior Champion Designer at Riot posted on Reddit about the buffs planned for the bear. 


  • Mana/level increased to 50 from 40
  • Health/level increased to 90 from 85
  • Q's empowered attack can no longer be interrupted once it's been initiated
  • Q's empowered attack now scales its timing with attack speed
  • R's tower disable duration has been adjusted to 3/4/5 seconds from 2/4/6
  • R's damage sweet spot radius increased to 300 from 250
  • R's damage increased to 300/500/700 from 250/475/700

Bug Fixes

  • Volibear will no longer automatically attack a target after landing with his R, especially if Q is active
  • Volibear will now hum less frequently during his idle animation (which was temporarily disabled it in 10.11)
  • Volibear will now continue to attack his target after casting W on them
  • Volibear will now automatically attack when cancelling his W and E animations (he could already do this but only if the player manually issued an attack order)
  • Volibear's Q reset will no longer fail if quickly recast after being interrupted (this can't happen anymore since Q's attack can no longer be interrupted)

These buffs are specifically targetted at making top lane Voli more viable in 10.12. Lutzberg feels confident that these final buffs will get him close to a healthy, sustainable spot for long term balance.


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