RNG's Uzi Officially Retires From Professional Play

Nutan Lele
3/Jun/2020 06:35 am

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  • Uzi, RNG's star ADC retires from pro play due to injuries sustained over the years.

As of today, Uzi, widely regarded as one of the best AD carries in the world, has officially retired. 

Over 8 years of high-intensity training led to an accumulation of injuries and at the suggestion of medical professionals, the ADC main was advised rest during the 2020 LPL spring split. “After spring a decision was made and we understood and respected his wishes, and will continue to assist him,” said RNG in a Twitter post.

“Even in retirement, Uzi is still an important member of the RNG family. In addition to doing everything we can to assist him in his future endeavours, we will also be by his side to help him on his journey to injury recovery. We are here to help him recover 100%," RNG continued. 

In 2012, he debuted in the pro scene and forged his own path for many to look at with respect, winning multiple LPL splits, Asian Games, and MSI. Barring a small drop in 2015, he was carrying games even when his teammates failed to perform. RNG’s 2018 MSI matches are a testament to the kind of player he is. He displayed his god-like mechanics in matches against tough competitors in the LPL, an aggressive league full of mechanically proficient players. Even in matches against KZ and Pray-Gorilla, he dominated with undeniable lane presence. He was the only player who had over 2000 kills in all leagues by 2018 and the first player to reach 3,000 career kills. This record went unbroken till 2020 until Rookie’s pentakill brought his total up to 3,150, nine more kills than Uzi (3,141).

T1 tweeted out in support of the player:

It will be interesting to watch the player’s journey from here on. 


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