Doublelift Calls out Voyboy for praising Tyler1’s Jungler Challenge

Nutan Lele
30/May/2020 06:25 pm

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  • Voyboy praised Doublelift over the completion of his Jungle-only Challenger feat.
  • Doublelift called out Voyboy over hypocrisy, citing his complaints about solo queue just weeks before.

TSM’s ADC Yilliang ‘Doublelift’ Peng called out Joedat 'Voyboy' Esfahani over his praise for Tyler1 completing ‘challenger with jungle-only’ challenge. 

Popular League streamer Tyler1 took on trying to reach challenger playing jungler only recently and completed it on 27th of this month. Another popular League streamer, Voyboy, praised Tyler1 for his completion of the challenge. 

This comes just weeks after Voyboy complained about solo queue toxicity. Doublelift called out Voyboy praising Tyler1 saying, “Tyler’s Jungle challenge is pretty cool. I thought it was pretty funny that VoyBoy retweeted him though. Voy’s the one who was like ‘Yeah, League solo queue, people leave, they troll, they’re really toxic, it’s the worst it’s ever been”.  He continued, "Why are you praising the guy who’s extremely toxic and embodies what you hate in Solo Q” he continued, “which is people who leave, [intentionally feed], and everything you’re talking about. It’s super hypocritical.”

After 4 months of trying Tyler1 was finally able to complete the challenge which promoted Voyboy to congratulated Tyler1 on his achievement. Doublelift highlighted that Voyboy has been quite vocal about the state of Solo Queue matches in NA and has made multiple videos addressing the issues and calling on Riot to make some changes.

Voyboy responded to Doublelift on stream saying that he has called Tyler1 over his behaviour in the past.

Voyboy said that Tyler1 has improved over the years. Tyler1 still hasn’t commented on any of the comments made by Voyboy or Doublelift. 


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