TSM Fines ZexRow For Inappropriate Comments Following Ban From Ninja's Fortnite Tournament

Nutan Lele
30/May/2020 10:01 am

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  • Anthony “ZexRow” Colandro disses FNCS competitors in post-Ninja Battles Interview.
  • After backlash about the inappropriate statements, ZexRow issues an apology. 
  • TSM CEO Reginald fines ZexRow 1 month's salary and apologises. 

Ninja Battles Fortnite winner Anthony “ZexRow” Colandro landed in hot soup after disrespectful comments about other competitors. TSM CEO Reginald said in a statement that the organization has fined him one month’s salary and that “TSM echoes his apology to fans and the community, and he has expressed his sincere regret to us as well”.

After ZexRow and his teammates won Week 1 of the tournament hosted by Top Fortnite streamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, the winner joined two commentators for a post-match interview where he ended up talking about the Last FNCS saying, “So everyone that didn’t place in top 10 can suck my di**. They’re f**ing s***ters. I don’t know why they talk shit. They’re also dogs**t and braindead. That’s all I’m saying.” The broadcast ended soon after.

ZexRow apologised for his “bad lapse in judgement” saying he “forgot that there was kids watching”. He also thanked Ninja for hosting the tournament.

Ninja later congratulated him on his victory but tweeted that it would be ZexRow’s“first and last”.

After backlash from people calling on TSM to drop ZexRow he tweeted out:

TSM CEO Andy “Reginald” Dinh put out a statement saying “We are extremely disappointed in the comments made by Anthony "ZexRow" Colandro and take this matter very seriously. Effective immediately, he has been fined one month’s salary. His behavior was absolutely inappropriate, and does not represent the values of TSM or our brand partners”. He continued saying, “We will be providing Zexrow with professional counseling and training, helping him to work on how he conducts himself - both publicly and privately”.


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