Riot Implements Patch 10.12 Changes On PBE And Talks About Future Mid Lane Tweaks

Nutan Lele
30/May/2020 07:46 am

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  • Riot's Mark "Scruffy" Yetter talks about 10.12 system changes and mid lane tweaks.

Riot Games’ lead gameplay designer Mark “Scruffy” Yetter has revealed some of their plans for the next patch updates. There will be adjustments to the Rune systems as well as more Elemental Rifts changes and mid lane changes in future patches.

While talking about the mid lane changes lined up for future patches, Scruffy said, “With the focus in 10.12 following up on the Bot changes and shipping the systems package, we are getting early testing of how we can effectively bring down the mid position power in ways that also improves the overall game flow.”

To achieve this, Riot is looking at a slight resource reduction for both gold and XP as well as an increased wave presence to make roaming slightly more of a missed opportunity, especially during the early game. 

However, these changes will be taking more time to perfect so they won’t be shipping out with Patch 10.12. However, some of the Elemental Rift changes have hit PBE. 

In the previous gameplay thought update, Scruffy said Riot plans on enhancing and pushing some Elemental Rift changes for some more unique gameplay and changing up the runes to open up more choices for champions and improve overall gameplay satisfaction. Those have now been implemented in 10.12 on PBE. 

Content creator ThePotatoWard shared screenshots of the new blast cones and alcoves on Infernal Rifts:

There are also new Scryer's Blooms in the jungle on Cloud Rift:

It’ll be interesting to see how Riot continues to play around changes for the mid lane and also continues to address the issues plaguing toxicity in the upcoming patches.


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