This Champion Hasn’t Seen A Single Balance Change Since Season 8

Nutan Lele
24/May/2020 03:58 pm

Cover image and thumbnail courtesy Riot Games 

  • Vladimir hasn't received a balance change for almost two years. 

Despite being one of the biggest complaints from players, champions in League are constantly being buffed, nerfed or hotfixed upon release to try and keep the game as balanced as possible. In this constant cycle, some champions like Vladimir end up forgotten by Riot. 

Vladimir hasn’t been touched by Riot since patch 8.13 when they changed the AP damage ratio on his Tides of Blood (E) and that was almost two years ago

As pointed out by Redditor Perry4761, Vladimir is the “oldest” champion in terms of not receiving any kind of changes (excluding skins). His most recent appearance for non-skin related news was in Season 8. 

Another user joked about how Vladimir was so difficult to balance that Riot preferred to balance the rest of the game around him. Skarner is the second oldest champ to have not received any balance changes since patch 9.7, which went live on April 3, 2019.


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