Tarzaned Boosted IWillDominate’s Accounts to Challenger For 2 Years

Nutan Lele
21/May/2020 11:37 am
  • Tarzaned reveals on stream that he has been boosting IWillDominate's accounts to challenger for the past two years. 

In a shocking revelation on stream, Tarzaned mentioned he had boosted Team Liquid streamer Christian "IWillDominate" Rivera’s accounts to Challenger Elo for two years, during season 7 and 8. Tarzaned has played the game at Challenger level since 2015 while IWillDominate has been participating in Twitch Rivals tournaments since 2019. Tarzaned claimed he had boosted two of IWD's accounts.

Tarzaned has previously received a 14-day ban from the game live on stream for MMR boosting in July 2019. During the time he had tweeted about his League ban and said it was “based off of bias and no facts.” It is still unclear what action Team Liquid or Riot will take against IWD or Tarzaned but MMR boosting (or Elo boosting) may be eligible for punishment according to Riot Player Support. 

The punishment can range from a 2 Week Account Suspension in League of Legends, honour level dropping to 0 and exclusion from receiving the current season's Ranked Rewards. Second-time offenders get their accounts permanently banned from the game. However, Riot often takes some time to investigate and punish players for this kind of infraction. Some on Reddit say Tarzaned had previously traded wins with other players and that could be considered boosting players in the enemy team. 

Riot really needs to come down hard on the public faces of League if it wants to deal with its toxicity, and Elo boosting is a part of that. If popular streamers are reprimanded, it will set a precedent for others moving forward.


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