2020 LCS Summer Split Schedule Updated From Monday To Friday Nights

Nutan Lele
20/May/2020 04:51 pm

Cover and thumbnail courtesy Riot Games

  • LCS moves its Monday games to Friday Night League.
  • Academy match schedule also changed.

LCS fans will have to say goodbye to Monday Night League. The league announced today that they have moved the third day of games to Fridays. This Spring Split, Riot introduced a third day of LCS matches. After reviewing community feedback and careful consideration, they have decided to move the third day’s prime time games from Mondays to Fridays for the Summer Split 2020.

This also means the LCS Summer Split will kick off slightly earlier than previously announced with games returning on Friday, 12th June. The lineup will mean that East Coast and European fans will be free to stay up Friday night to catch the games live or watch them on Saturday morning, as Riot plans to rebroadcast the Friday games before LEC begins.

This Friday Night League will continue to be hosted by LeTigress and is all set to continue in both 2020 Summer and 2021 Spring. The Bud Light League Lounge will continue to be their weekly sign-off but now on Sunday nights instead.

Academy moving to Thursday and Academy Rush returns to Fridays

With the shift in schedule, Academy games will be returning on 11th June 2020. During the regular season, five Academy games will be conducted on Thursdays starting at 6:00 AM SGT and another five on Fridays at 6:00 PM SGT. Games will be played simultaneously in Academy Rush style. Once restrictions lift, Academy games will be moved to LCS Studios on the weekend, providing the Academy teams with stage time. 

When is 2020 Summer Split Happening

Regular Season

  • Summer Split Start Date: 12th June 
  • Summer Split Regular Season: 12th June - 9th August
  • Summer Playoffs: 13th August - 6th September 
  • Round 1: 13th - 16th August 
  • Round 2: 20th - 23rd August 
  • Round 3: 29th - 30th August 
  • Finals: 5th - 6th September 

Academy Games

  • Summer Split Start Date: 11th June 
  • Summer Split Regular Season: 11th June - 7th August 
  • Summer Playoffs: 13th August - 6th September 
  • Quarterfinals: 13th - 14th August
  • Semifinals: 20th - 21st August 
  • Finals: 27th - 28th August


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