Overwatch Anniversary Event Scheduled from 19th May to 9th June

Nutan Lele
15/May/2020 11:28 am

Cover and thumbnail courtesy Blizzard

  • The Overwatch Anniversary event will span from 19th May to 9th June.
  •  Masquerade Reaper, Dragoon Mercy, Little Red Ashe and other content to be released. 

The announcement for the Overwatch Anniversary Event for 2020 has finally happened. The event will span from 19th May to 9th June and is sure to give fans some great content and cosmetics. Here’s the upcoming Little Red Ashe skin with the grandma wolf Bob. 

Many fans already know what to expect with skins thanks to a leak on Blizzard forums. While releasing the patch notes for an experimental card, notes about the upcoming May patch were accidentally posted, which included the skin names.

Reaper, Mercy, and Ashe will be receiving legendary skins this year. Masquerade Reaper, Dragoon Mercy, and Little Red Ashe will be released along with epic skins Carbon Fiber Sigma, Fleur de Lis Widowmaker, and Masked Man Mccree. The previous seasonal brawls will be returning for the duration of the event, with one featured brawl rotating every day. Additionally, all skins from other events will be available for purchase with in-game currency. 

According to the teaser released by Blizzard, Roadhog seems to be getting a new dance emote, leading to speculation of possibly more dance emotes for other heroes.

The Little Red Ashe skin has set a high bar for the rest of the skins coming out. Only time will tell if they live up to the hype. 


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