League of Legends Player Dies 700 Times In Game And Breaks Record

Nutan Lele
15/May/2020 08:40 am

Cover and thumbnail courtesy Riot Games
Other images courtesy League of Graphs 

  • Nunu player beats record for most deaths by dying 700 times in Ranked Flex game.

A Nunu player died a record-breaking 700 times in a Ranked Flex game and went on to actually win. We’ve all faced a Disco Nunu in our game from time to time; players who troll by taking Ghost and building Mobi boots and running it down mid. Player 15ACCBUTSILVERXD took the Disco Nunu to the next level, racking up 700 deaths in a silver ranked game and feeding the enemy Ahri 667 of them. Talk about a fat fox!

The game went on for 151 minutes but he did not get any kills or assists, meaning he was probably just running it down mid the whole time. Out of the 875 deaths in the game, 700 of them belonged to Nunu. The player went for a ‘maximum deaths’ build, only levelling W, and building movement speed items. The Dreadnought passive from Dead Man’s Plate would have helped them build up even more MS, but alas. 

According to League of Graphs, the death record is 686 but as they only measure Plat+ Elo, EUW player Wukony, died 686 times in a 207 minute Janna game. Both records were set in Ranked Flex, where queuing with friends would make it easier. As of now, 15ACCBUTSILVERXD has officially recorded the most deaths in League of Legends. 


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