Rainbow Six Siege Will Have An Esports Ecosystem In North America Thanks To FACEIT And Ubisoft

Nutan Lele
14/May/2020 10:54 am

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  • FACEIT partners with Ubisoft to create a large esports ecosystem for R6

FACEIT has decided to partner with Ubisoft, developers of Rainbow Six Siege, to establish an esports ecosystem for the game in North America. The tournament organiser will work with the developer on every facet of the title in the region, from broadcasting, media rights to event production and grassroots programs.

FACEIT is looking to make 8 challenger teams with players in each country playing for an opportunity to break into the North American League every year. FACEIT will now manage all Rainbow Six Siege competitions including the North American League, Rainbow Six Majors and Canada Division Challenger Leagues. The company will also manage the U.S. Division LAN program which will be played in Las Vegas at a new studio and with brand new facilities and establish a FACEIT Pro League (FPL) for Rainbow Six Siege.

“First of all we really admire how Ubisoft gradually developed the game to build a sustainable esports ecosystem, having the game developers aligning their content strategy with the esports program while also ramping up investment in the esport organically as the game and audience grew. Ultimately they built one of the largest games in the world with 55M registered users and esports at his core.” FACEIT co-founder Michele Attisani said. 

FACEIT has been administering various events across the globe for games, including the Counter-Strike Offensive Major which took place in London in 2018. Apart from CS, they’ve been involved in events for League of Legends, Rocket League, and DOTA 2.


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