G2's Caps Discusses Upcoming ADC Changes in Twitch Stream

Nutan Lele
10/May/2020 10:39 am

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  • Caps says the proposed ADC health and item changes will help the role.
  • Lack of communication and coordination is still an issue for bot lane in solo queue games.

The upcoming League patch is bringing changes to ADC health bars and items. Esports star Rasmus “Caps” Winther, who was G2’s ADC main till recently, commented on the proposed changes and how they’ll help marksmen while streaming. Perkz and Caps have confirmed role swaps yet again for the upcoming summer split.

“Once you get items, you’re actually strong, right?” he said. “But it’s just so frustrating to play (as ADC) until that point basically. Cause it feels like…everyone’s job is to kill you and you just try to survive, and you don’t really have the greatest tools for it.”

Riot’s lead gameplay designer Mark “Scruffy” Yetter posted a list of proposed changes a few days ago:

Caps also noted that proper communication with your Support and Jungler is usually non-existent in solo queue—something Doublelift also noted with the lack of comms. 

This lack of coordination can make the role more difficult especially with the new meta of tower dives at early levels. However, according to the Caps, the health and changes may be enough to cope with these early game difficulties. ADC champions’ base health will also increase by 30, except for Kindred and Corki. 

Some players noted on Reddit that targeting one person and focusing them the entire game whether it’s jungle, ADC or support is a good strategy. As long as you keep the river deep-warded, it becomes harder for the enemy to gank. 


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