More Details Of The LPL x LCK Online Mid Season Cup Revealed

Nutan Lele
7/May/2020 03:24 pm
  • Top 4 LPL and LCK teams will face off against each other Worlds style
  • The event is rumoured to take place between May 28th and May 31st 2020.  

Ever since the cancellation of this year’s Mid Season Invitational (MSI), teams have been preparing for the upcoming Summer Split. Due to the disruption caused by the pandemic, new information has revealed that Riot has something else planned for the season.  The LCK (LoL Champions Korea) and LPL (LoL Pro League) may take part in a new event. 

A tweet from Fomos’ Kenzi has revealed details on the LCK-LPL tournament. The format of the tournament will reportedly resemble Worlds, where only one team will be crowned champions, unlike in Rift Rivals. The teams participating will feature the top 4 from both LPL (JD Gaming, Top Esports, Invictus Gaming, and FunPlus Phoenix) and LCK (T1, Gen.G, KT Rolster, and DragonX). This event is a 4-day run and will take place between May 28th and May 31st.

There is a still undisclosed amount of prize money set aside for the tournament. Due to the proximity of the two regions, teams will be able to play online at 30-40 ping. Kenzi has said in a previous tweet that Riot should send out the official announcement next week. Until then, we can only speculate. LPL is the only major region that hasn’t yet announced the delay of their summer season after MSI was cancelled. 


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