This Five-year-old Twitch Streamer is an Extremely Talented Call of Duty Player

Aditya Singh Rawat
25/Apr/2020 09:30 am

Cover And Thumbnail Image Courtesy: RowdyRogan

  • RowdyRogan is a five-year-old Call of Duty player with over 7000 followers on Twitch.

  • His Twitter bio says that he is the world's youngest sponsored player, while his Facebook states that he is the world's youngest Call of Duty World League player.

  • A recent gaming clip of his garnered more than 1 million views bringing him into the limelight.

We have witnessed a lot of young talented players make their way into esports in recent years, but the 5-year-old who goes by the name of RowdyRogan takes the cake. The child prodigy is a fantastic Call of Duty player with more than 7,000 followers on his Twitch channel, where he usually streams the game along with his father.

The preschooler is touted as the ‘World’s Youngest Sponsored Player’ according to his Twitter bio, while his Facebook page says that he is the ‘World’s Youngest Call of Duty World League Player’, whether one believes this or not there is no denying that he is an exceptionally talented Call of Duty player.

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RowdyRogan caught everyone’s attention recently when one of his gaming clips on his Twitter account blew up overnight, attaining more than 1 million views. In the clip, he can be seen playing Call of Duty: Warzone along with his dad, actively communicating while engaging with the enemy players as he goes on to take two kills.

He has already played quite a few games with both FaZe Apex who is the Owner of esports organization FaZe Clan and FaZe Swagg who is a content creator.

RowdyRogan Streaming with FaZe Swagg

But despite being good at the game, and playing at an exceptionally high level given his age, he has faced quite a lot of backlash from the community, who has voiced concerns related to Twitch allowing such a young kid to stream violent games on their platform, while a few others also took a shot at CoD for allowing a kid below 18 to play their game, which goes against their Terms of Service (ToS).

While his own dad seems to be really supportive of him playing and enjoying the game, even he has been criticised a bit for doing so. It is quite evident from most of the social media posts along with the support provided to him, that Rogan’s dad wants him to make a career in esports. It will be interesting to see how the future shapes up for this child prodigy.


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