ESPN Esports Announces VALORANT Invitational Consisting of Teams from Different Esport Titles

Aditya Singh Rawat
19/Apr/2020 08:56 am

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  • ESPN Esports VALORANT Invitational announced following the success of the Invitational Tournament by 100 Thieves.

  • The tournament scheduled to take place from 20th-22nd April will consist of 8 teams from 7 different esport titles.

  • A team of VALORANT developers will also be competing in the tournament.

Following the success of 100 Thieves VALORANT Invitational Tournament which witnessed Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek’s team being crowned as the champions, ESPN Esports is now organizing the ESPN Esports VALORANT Invitational which is scheduled to take place from 20th-22nd April, 12 PM (Pacific Time) / 3 PM (Eastern Time) onwards.

The tournament which will exclusively be broadcasted on their Twitch channel will witness professional esports players from various esport titles go up against each other to determine which esport best prepares its players with the skill relevant to take on VALORANT.

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8 teams consisting of professional esports players from 7 different esport titles will be competing in this tournament which ESPN states to be “the most ambitious crossover in esports history.”

The seven esport titles with which will be contending in the event are CS:GO, Fortnite, League of Legends, PUBG, Rainbow Six, Apex Legends, and Overwatch. Each esport title will consist of five players who play the game professionally, while the 8th team will consist of VALORANT developers.

Summit1g, Shroud, and TimTheTatMan Participated in the 100Thieves VALORANT Invitational

In the past we have already witnessed how good the developers actually are, as they took on some of the biggest names in the world of FPS games like Shroud, Skadoodle, Summit1g, Fl0m, and Dizzy, beating them convincingly in a showmatch by a score of ‘26-7’.

It will be interesting to see professionals from different esport titles take on each other in a game which is a mixture of them all, while also clarifying that skills from which gaming title translates the best when it comes to VALORANT.

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